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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

by Dec 15, 2021

People with different health conditions and diseases can suffer from hip pain and stiffness. This can range from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, & avascular necrosis (also called Osteonecrosis) to injuries and fractures of the hip, causing inflammation and swelling in the hip joint. Usually first of all, doctors recommend medications and non-surgical treatment options. If these do not work out, then only will they discuss the surgical options with the patient.  If you are a resident of Delhi, suffering from any of these hip conditions, seek immediate help from the Best Joint Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

cost of hip replacement surgery

However, it is important for you to note that hip replacement surgery is, more often than not, is considered as the last resort & it gives best results when performed using best surgical techniques & modern hip implants. Before delving into the all-important question about the Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi or India, find out briefly about hip replacement surgery and who may require it. 

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery, as the name indicates, is a surgical procedure aimed at replacing damaged hip joint either partially or completely. In this procedure, the damaged parts of the hip joint are replaced by artificial implants or prosthesis.

The components of this artificial hip joint are made of different materials like a titanium stem, ceramic or metal ball head, highly cross linked polyethylene acetabular liner. With the advancement in surgical techniques & technology, all across the world and in India, the success rate of hip replacement surgery has significantly increased in the past decades. More and more people are getting excellent results post-surgery, improving their quality of life. 

What Conditions Necessitates Hip Replacement?

Hip arthritis impedes natural body movements, increases stiffness and pain, and affects daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike & driving. Several conditions can lead to hip arthritis & necessitate hip replacement surgery for patients.

Some of the these conditions that affect hip include Avascular necrosis (AVN), Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, post traumatic hip arthritis ( i.e due to a hip fracture), developmental dysplasia of hip (DDH), tuberculosis (TB) of hip joint, Septic Arthritis & Perthes disease. In case you are experiencing any of these physical ailments, contact “The Waleus clinic” in Delhi. They have one of the leading, trusted and best Hip Replacement Surgery Doctors in Delhi. 

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

Now that you know about hip replacement surgery, let’s talk about its cost in India. The Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi, India, especially in a place like Delhi, depends on multiple factors, which are discussed in this section.

Types of Total Hip Replacement (THR)

In the THR surgery, damaged parts of your hip joint like acetabulum & femoral head are replaced with artificial implants. There are three different types of total hip joint replacement surgery namely; 1)Uncemented THR, 2)Cemented THR, 3)Hybrid THR. 

Uncemented THR is preferred by most of the surgeons across the globe as it is relatively safe (no complications related to cement) & quick surgery. Besides, modern uncemented implants are of extremely good quality & are more biological than cemented. Uncemented components get integrated with the host bone in due course of time while cemented implants are dependent on the bond of cement with the bone. That makes results of cemented THR unpredictable especially in the long term. Cemented implants tend to get loose & also not all the cemented systems have the advantage using large ball heads.

In Hybrid type of THR, one of the components is cemented while the other is uncemented & is utilised only in special situations. These different types of hip replacements affect the cost of the surgery with uncemented being the most expensive one usually.

Type of Hip Replacement Material Used

Ceramic on Highly Cross Linked Poly is the first choice of Expert Hip Replacement Surgeons in Delhi, India. Many different materials are used in THR such as Biolox delta ceramic, metal and highly cross-linked poly & they all affect total hip replacement surgery cost. 

Most patients are advised to go for uncemented hip replacement (Ceramic on cross linked poly implant). Only about 5-10% patients who are above the age of 75 years are advised cemented hip replacement. For more clarity you can see our youtube video-

Type of Hospital :

The Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India will change according to the type of hospital where you opt to do the surgery. There are big multi-speciality hospitals which are usually relatively expensive while there are dedicated orthopaedic hospitals that carry out joint replacement which offer relatively economical options for THR without compromising patient’s safety & quality of surgery.

However, it is highly recommended that you choose a hospital or clinic, which has surgeons with many years of experience, and they perform frequent hip replacement surgeries efficiently and regularly. Additionally, they should have a dedicated operation theatre and a well-trained team, equipped with knowledge and skill in hip replacement surgery.

Age of Patient and Associated Diseases

The age of the patient wanting hip replacement surgery can influence the overall cost. This is because patients with a certain age and existing ailments such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure or Thyroid need extra attention and care in ICU at least for one extra day after the surgery.

This isn’t valid for all patients, but extra care needs to be taken for Old age patients. Normally patients below 65 years of age have found to be not needing the ICU care post-surgery. But when needed, it adds to the cost of the surgery. Thus the cost of the surgery varies with age and medical comorbidities of the patient.

Hip Replacement Surgery Treatment Cost in India – Probable Cost

Please note that the cost of total hip replacement surgery may differ depending on the patient’s medical history, type of hospital and the type of implant used. However, we have presented a rough estimation of the cost or a probable cost that you would need to pay as of today. We all know that the cost of the surgery may change as the time passes by.

– Uncemented THR with Ceramic on cross-linked poly – Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 3.50 lakhs

– Uncemented THR with metal head – Rs 30,000 – 35,000 less than ceramic head

– Uncemented THR with Dual mobility (to know more about Dual mobility see this video of ours – Rs 3.50 lakhs to Rs 3.70 lakhs

– Cemented THR – Rs 1.80 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakhs

– Partial Hip Replacement costs around 1.65 Lakhs to 1.75 Lakhs

All the above and a few more factors would have their impact on the cost of hip replacement surgery in cities like Delhi – India. We urge you to see our Youtube video on the same topic

This will help you prepare financially for your hip replacement surgery. Remember to take the advice of the doctor or surgeon. If you are looking for the best hip surgeon in Delhi, consult exp erts at Waleus Clinic – the best hip replacement clinic in Delhi. If you have any queries regarding surgery cost or any other detail, contact us at any time.

Disclaimer– The cost mentioned above can change in due course of time, & also may be different in different cities & hospitals as mentioned above. It’s just to give a rough idea to the reader.

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