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Dr. Pankaj Walecha

MBBS, MS (Orth), Expert Hip & Knee Surgeon Joint replacement fellowships (UK, South Korea, Germany)


who is responsible for infection after joint replacement surgery ?

by May 15, 2023

If any patient gets infection after joint replacement surgery then it’s combined Responsibility of Doctor, patient’ & hospital. That’s why all the aspects of joint replacement surgery, be it hip replacement or knee replacement, should be discussed in details during the Pre surgery counselling session. Here are few insights on infection after joint replacement surgery

When you choose your doctor & hospital –

1. Experienced Surgeon & a good team

Make sure that your doctor has enough experience in doing dedicated joint replacement surgery & does these surgeries regularly. Using latest surgical techniques & having a good team of doctors and assistants also reduces your chances of getting infection because a good team ensures a quick surgery while taking care of all the important aspects of surgery (if the surgical time more than desired then also infection rate is higher)

2. Modern Operation theatre

Make sure that the hospital has a modern operation theatre with laminar air flow system. -There must also be a dedicated operation theatre for orthopaedic surgeries and joint replacement surgery should be performed first on that day. After joint replacement surgeries are over, then fracture surgeries can be performed in that operation theatre.
– General surgeries, Obstetrics & Gynaecology surgeries should not be performed in the same Operation theatre

3. Patient’s Pre op preparation – We try prepare our patient’s body for surgery

by doing blood tests, urine tests, heart tests etc but every human is different and every body has different immunity (बीमारियों से लड़ने की क्षमता). If there is urinary tract infection (UTI), chest infection, or any boil on your body especially near the operative area then joint replacement surgery is postponed till that infection is fully treated. That reduces the chances of infection in the replaced joint and that’s the power of Pre operative patient preparation.

But here is what patients need to know

– if you are diabetic ( मधुमेह ) or chronic kidney disease ( लम्बे समय से चल रही गुर्दे की खराबी) patient or if you are taking steroids or any medication like chemotherapy (कैंसर का इलाज) then your body is very weak – for some reason, if joint replacement surgery is needed then in these patients inspite of using best techniques & Operation theatre & Hospital care, chances of infection are high
– obese patients (अत्यधिक मोटापा) are more prone to infection
– smokers & chronic alcoholics ( धूम्रपान और शराब का सेवन) also have increased chances of infection & there are many other reasons which are patient specific, makes the patient more prone to post operative infection.

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